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Multitap 4N1

Filtered boiling water, filtered chilled water, regular hot & cold water.
The Multitap 4N1 delivers instant filtered boiling and chilled water, plus regular hot and cold water available from a single multifunctional tap.

 The Multitap 4N1 is also available in a boiling & ambient filtered water variant. This product is supplied with the Neotank only and is available in the same tapware and finishes.

 We love the passion, craftsmanship and heritage put into everything Italians do, and now they are the creative drivers behind InSinkErator’s premium range of tapware.                                    

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Multi Rubinetto or MultitapTM.

The reasons we fall in love with Italian products is their Passion and Purpose and MultitapTM is a testament to this commitment. We are proud to be able to now offer instant filtered boiling and chilled water as a function of a standard kitchen tap mixer. Designed and manufactured in Italy this high quality tap brings contemporary style to new and existing kitchen spaces.


  • Single multifunctional tap design
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy
  • Instant filtered chilled water
  • Instant filtered boiling water
  • Regular mains hot & cold water
  • Also available in a boiling & ambient filtered water variant
  • 2 modern tap designs - J Shape and L Shape
  • Innovative, illuminated touch button control releases chilled water
  • Available in 3 finishes chrome, brushed steel and matte black
  • Durable PVD matte black finish, less susceptible to abrasions
  • Auto-lock, multi-step, boiling water lever
  • Swivel spout
  • 5 year tap warranty & 2 year tank warranty

Multitap 4N1 Chilled L-Shape Chrome

Multitap 4N1 Chilled L-Shape Matte Black (PVD)

Multitap 4N1 Chilled L-Shape Brushed

Multitap 4N1 Chilled J-Shape Chrome

Multitap 4N1 Chilled J-Shape Matte Black (PVD)

Multitap 4N1 Chilled J-Shape Brushed 

Multitap 4N1 Ambient L-Shape Chrome

Multitap 4N1 Ambient L-Shape Matte Black (PVD)

Multitap 4N1 Ambient L-Shape Brushed

Multitap 4N1 Ambient J-Shape Chrome

Multitap 4N1 Ambient J-Shape Matte Black (PVD)

Multitap 4N1 Ambient J-Shape Brushed




The MultitapTM is supported by our next generation Neotank.
It features a compact design that is affixed to the cupboard
wall conserving space usage. This upgraded tank has precise
adjustable temperature control up to 98 degrees celsius and
has been designed with a welded construction, eliminating
seals to improve lifespan.

The 2.5L capacity allows the consumer to heat only what they
need while conserving energy for environmental stewardship.
The NeoTankTM offers quiet energy efficient operation and the
revolutionary new design gives consumer peace-of-mind
through quality and reliability.


NeoChiller® is a compact chiller unit that fits neatly beneath your benchtop. The InSinkErator filter system removes impurities including chlorine, lead, and other unpleasant tastes, chemicals and odours from the mains water supply to ensure a fresh, pure taste. The chiller unit then chills the water to the perfect drinking temperature, straight from the tap. 

• Compact underbench unit designed for easy installation under the kitchen sink

• Dispenses up to 7 litres per hour of chilled water between 3°C and 10°C

• Filters remove impurities and odours, without affecting the waters natural mineral content

• Ice-bank cooling technology for optimum chilling performance