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Below are answers to popular Food Waste Disposer and Steaming Hot Water tap questions. For further assistance, please click here

How does a disposer work?

Food waste is fed into the disposer together with water from the cold tap. The food waste is simply and quickly ground into fine particles, no knives and no blades. The food waste is then flushed through the waste disposer and into your normal waste system. The InSinkErator food waste disposer is designed to cope with most types of food waste, including small bones, meat, fish, peelings, eggshells, nuts and much, much more.

How long does it take to grind food waste?

Only a few seconds, although it depends on the quantity and type of waste. The sound of the disposer will change, when there is no longer any food waste in the grind chamber and the impellers spin freely. After all food waste is ground, turn off the disposer and let the water run for about 15 seconds to flush the waste out of the grind chamber and out to the water drainage/sewer pipes. Only a small amount of water, time and effort is required.

Is a disposer safe?

Waste disposers are built to rigorous standards on electrical and appliances. Contrary to what some may think, they do not have knives or blades…an assumed cause of safety concern.

What Will a Disposer Grind?

Most forms of food waste can be put through the food waste disposer — bones from fish and poultry, meat, large meat bones, fish scraps, vegetables, fruit, egg shells, and much more. Very stringy or fibrous foods such as celery should be avoided. Food waste disposers are designed for food waste only and packaging materials should not be put into the disposer.

How do you operate a disposer?

There are 4 easy steps to operate a disposer:

  1. Collect all food waste in the sink during food preparation and when scraping your dishes. 
  2. Turn on the cold water followed by the disposer.
  3. Feed the food waste into the disposer. Listen for the disposer to finish its work. 
  4. After grinding is complete, turn off the disposer and let the water run for a few seconds to flush the drain lines. 

*Never pour grease or fat into disposer or any drain.

What are the differences between standard and premium disposers?

  • Standard disposers operate with some noise
  • Newer, premium models are much quieter. In some cases,all you hear is the sound of water running. Advanced sound deadening features are included, similar to quiet dishwashers. 
  • Standard disposers offer one grind stage
  • Newer premium models offer advanced, multi-stage grinding systems. Enable disposer to grind water variety of foods more efficiently.

What’s the difference between batch feed and continuous feed disposers?

Disposers function in two ways - batch-feed and continuous

  • Continuous feed models turn on with the flick of a switch or push of a button, and run until you turn the disposer off. 
  • Batch-feed models operate only when the disposer's cover is in place over the sink opening. Turning the cover turns the disposer on and off.

Do food waste disposers require any maintenance?

No. InSinkErator disposers are designed to be maintenance-free. Regular usage is the best way to keep your disposer in good condition. A moderate stream of cold water following each use will keep your disposer clean.

What kind of water supply does a steaming hot water tap need?

InSinkErator steaming hot water taps connect to mains cold water. You can carry out the work yourself, or use a plumber if you prefer. See installation guide. 

Do I need a brand new sink if I buy a steaming hot water tap?

No. Your hot water tap can be installed into your existing sink.

How often will I need to change the filter?

Based on average family usage, you can expect to change the filter on your InSinkErator steaming hot water tap twice a year.

What size is the hot water tank and where is it located?

All InSinkErator steaming hot water taps use the space saving 2.5 litre tank which sits neatly under most sinks.

Is regular maintenance required?

No, no servicing is necessary.