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Foodservice Products

It is no secret that food waste going to landfill has a serious environmental impact. Australian consumers throw away around 3.1 million tonnes of food.  Another 2.2 million tonnes is disposed of by the commercial and industrial sector. Solutions for reducing the amount of food waste discarded by restaurants, cafés and catering facilities nationally are being sort as the food processing industry’s peak body, the Australian Food and Grocery Council, has a target to reduce waste to landfill. Emerson offer various solutions that assists to reduce operating costs, increasing staff efficiency, while offering an environmentally more responsible solution for managing commercial food waste.


Foodservice Disposer Systems

Food Waste DisposersThe InSinkErator range of commercial food waste disposers allows food scraps to be ground and disposed of within seconds as they are connected to the existing sewerage infrastructure and never require emptying. Food scraps are disposed of permanently.
With a range of sizes and models, we have a food service disposer to suit any size of operation. The cost and time associated with the collection and disposal of food preparation scraps and unconsumed consumer meals are gone. Click here to learn more.


Tri-CycleTM System

tri-cycleTricycle presents an off-sewerage solution for managing commercial food scraps and keeping food waste out of landfill. Designed to save food service operation times, money and the planet! Tricycle is a compact standalone unit that reduces an operations food waste volume by up to 90% and mass by 75%. It is capable of grinding and processing 23 kg of food waste per minute and can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. The tricycle grinds the organic matter, extracts the water from the ground particles and expels the semi dry finely ground particles into a discharge bin. Suddenly the volume of daily food waste is reduced to a small percentage of the original mass. Tricycle is self-cleaning and features an intuitive digital interface that displays user prompts and system status. It even informs the users when the discharge bin is full eliminating messing over flows. Click here to learn more and view specification sheet here



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