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According to the US EPA, food waste is the single largest component of municipal solid waste sent to landfills and many communities worldwide are focusing efforts to divert this organic waste. Read More

Food wastes diversion from landfills to wastewater treatment plants is a promising strategy to resolve the shorter life-span of landfill sites and mitigate the environmental impacts of landfills as well as utilize the energy of organic-rich food wastes. Read More

Copy: Research from Rabobank found people who use food delivery services waste more food. Read More

Australians wasted a total of $10.1 billion worth of food last year, which was more than the year before, a Rabobank report has revealed. Read More

InSinkErator’s Evolution Series provides for a more hygienic and convenient approach to food waste management. Read more

Based on OzHarvest’s “take what you need, give if you can” model. Read More

The long-anticipated wait is over… Multitap 3N1 in the much sought-after finish of Brushed Steel. Read More

 Innovative ideas to solve the waste crisis. Read More 

Multitap3N1™ is a high-end, Italian designed and manufactured range of tapware for those who want style and convenience in equal measure. Read more