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Disposers can be an important part of a food waste management program that’s both practical and environmentally responsible.




Contrary to what you might think, the KBQ and teams aren’t especially experienced — or if we’re being honest, talented — when it comes to cooking. So it was with great excitement that we accepted an invitation from InSinkErator to attend a cooking class at Julie’s Place

run by MasterChef 2009 winner, Julie Goodwin…

The poll aims to rank the trustworthiness of brands and showcase them within the industry and in 2015 there were 500 brands nominated and a total of 4,100 votes lodged.

It is the third time Cirrus Media has run the survey of its readership - Australia’s largest Architectural, Design and Building industry audience - across Infolink Building Products News magazine and all of Architecture & Design’s digital and social media channels

Life isn’t slowing down, it’s getting faster. Australians are desperate for solutions that save them time, especially in the kitchen. Click here to see how.

It is no secret that Australians love cooking and entertaining. However, the more we cook, the more food scraps and waste we have to deal with, not to mention the nasty food smells.

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It's no secret that Australians love to cook. The modern kitchen takes centre stage when entertaining family and friends. Yet the more we cook, the more food scraps and waste we produce - not to mention the accompanying nasty food smells.

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At a recent cooking class on Lebanese cuisine, Australia’s first MasterChef winner Julie Goodwin spoke about the convenience of having an InSinkErator food waste disposer in her kitchen.

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An InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer eliminates household food scraps instantly, making it the ultimate piece of technology for anyone who loves a clean home.

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The Complete Home team had the pleasure of being invited by InSinkErator to a cooking class presented by none other than Julie Goodwin. Australia’s first MasterChef winner taught a delicious Lebanese dish and spoke about food waste disposal systems.