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Model 46

As an entry-level option, the Model 46 food waste disposer offers good performance and will suit small households with moderate usage demands  It is easy to install, eliminates food scraps  instantly and grinds without blades.  It uses less than 1% of total household water consumption and offers an environmentally responsible option to sending organic food waste to landfill. Designed and manufactured in the United States for the highest levels of quality and reliability.

  • Basic sound reduction technology
  • 1 stage galvanized steel grinding system
  • .55 hp
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Plastic stopper
  • Large capacity (980ml) grinding chamber
  • Polished flange
  • Made in USA
  • Model 46 is not offered as standard with an air switch. An air switch accessory kit can be purchased separately.
InSinkErator® Underbench air switch bracket

InSinkErator® air switch bracket provides an easy and cheaper option to install the airswitch. No air switch hole cutout in your bench required. The bracket sits neatly under your sink cupboard. Can be used with all food waste disposer models.

InSinkErator® Double Bowl Connector Kit

InSinkErator® Double Bowl Connector Fitting Kit.  For use with all Food Waste disposers.  To assist with fitting the Food Waste Disposer to a double bowl sink.

InSinkErator® Plastic Stopper

InSinkErator® Plastic Stopper/Plug helps prevent cutlery and non food waste items from falling into the disposer while adding to quiet operation. It also acts as a plug to capture water in the sink.  For use with models 45+, 46, 55+, 56, 65+, and 66 Food Waste Disposers.

InSinkErator® Air Switch
InSinkErator® Air Switch

InSinkErator® Airswitch. The Air Switch provides a safe and easy way to turn the disposer on and off. A simple push-button switch sends an air pulse through a thin plastic tube to the disposer switch unit. This activates/deactivates the disposer and eliminates the need for a separate wall switch. Ideal for an ""island sink"" with no wall to place a switch. Standard built-in feature on the Model 65+, Model 66, Model 55+, Model 56, Evolution 100 and Evolution 200. Available separately for 45+ and 46. It makes installation easier.

InSinkErator® Square Waste Adaptor

InSinkErator® Square Waste Adaptor.  For use with sinks with square waste.  Measurement of waste 115mm x 115mm.  Fits all InSinkErator Food Waste Disposers.

InSinkErator® Extended Mounting Flange

InSinkErator® Extended Mounting Flange / Collar. Suitable for a sink with a thinckness of 18mm plus.  Use with all food waste disposers.